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The Interpreter Foundation’s goal is to support the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through insightful scholarship. As filmmakers, our goal is to build faith through telling the true stories of the early saints. The Witnesses project was funded entirely through private donations. We are not funded by any major studio, TV network, or streaming service.

If we don’t tell our own stories honestly, untruths and confusion will continue, impacting countless lives.
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This story of a youthful Brigham Young, of his special relationship with Brother Joseph, the story of Emma, and of the Saints coming to understand the will of the Lord in turbulent times is of critical relevance today.

The Story

The Prophet Joseph was dead. Enemies of the Church thought it would die with Joseph. In fact that danger was real. The crisis was undeniable, and Nauvoo was in chaos.

For the reeling saints, there was no tested path, no clear consensus, no definitive word left by Joseph on who should lead. The saints were being torn apart. Opinions changed as fast as they could be expressed. Yet hours following his death, the “campaign” began.

Central figures of this true story

The power of Latter-day Saint history, the recounting of testimonies borne, of lives lived and lives lost, is both compelling and profoundly significant to our day.

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